Government has not paid Enough Attention to the Agricultural Sector – Lennox Linton

by: - May 9, 2019
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Leader of the United Workers Party, Lennox Linton

Leader of the United Workers Party, Lennox Linton says that ” This government has not paid attention to agriculture as they should have because agriculture is one of the areas where ordinary people have been making their livelihood and they (government) have dropped their responsibilities.”

Addressing a press conference held on Wednesday 8th May, Linton also expressed his interest in developing the agricultural sector “once the UWP comes into government.”

He said that the sector will be improved through the party’s identification of agricultural products which can be produced in Dominica and are able to be globally marketed. Further more the United Workers Party seeks to  develop  cannabis as part of the country’s marketing strategy as the demand for natural medicines increases worldwide.

“Herbs and spices, coco, ginger, turmeric, products that already have a high value in international markets that we can produce. What we will do differently is find the markets for those products, set up the transportation arrangements, ensure that we are given the best yields per acre on all of these products, set up the packaging under the Nature Island brand and so on and get our products out there,” Linton said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Agriculture has reported  that since the devastation of Hurricane Maria, the Ministry has been taking steps toward recovery of the agricultural sector.

During a previous press conference in March 2019 ,Honorable Reginald Austrie said, “The Ministry of Agriculture Food and Fisheries vision is seeking to build resilience in the agricultural sector for long-term growth and sustainability that will guarantee food and nutrient security.”

Austrie also confirmed that the World Bank Project seeks to assist registered farmers and to improve the agricultural sector, as a result of nutrient security issues within the sector.