Sixteen Thousand Dollars in Five Days

by: - May 1, 2019
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Asa Bantan presents Cheque to Family Member of Jerwani Fedor


Bouyon Artist, Asa Bantan has raised a total EC$16,000 (sixteen thousand Eastern Caribbean Dollars) in a short span of five days to assist the family of little Jerwani with medical expenses.

Jerwani Fedor, 7 of Mahaut was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of the Princess Margaret Hospital  following  a serious bicycle accident in his village on Monday 22nd April 2019.  As a result, Fedor suffered a fractured skull and a broken arm after descending over a steep hill while riding his bicycle, which according to his mother, lacked braking gear.

Little Jerwani’s mother, Jasmine Joseph accompanied her son to Martinique to undergo treatment there. However, before leaving the island, the grieving mother pleaded with the general public for financial assistance in an effort to clear her son’s medical  expenses.

Asa Bantan initially answered that call by making a donation of EC $2,000 to the family.

The Bouyon artist also created an online Go Fund Me account on April 24th to allow others to participate in the fundraising venture for Jerwani.  Through the page, Asa Banton, through his fans, was able to raise over $15,000.

A bank account was also created in the name of Jasmine Joseph for more donations. According to Asa Bantan, the contribution was well-received by Joseph.

“We paid our taxes for the Go Fund Me and I gave the family a cheque of fifteen thousand dollars for Jerwani.  Also, those who could not  put money via Go Fund Me, walked in the bank to put money in the NBD account.   In all, Asa bantan and  his fans gave over seventeen thousand dollars to the family of Jerwani Fedor.  I am very happy, the mother of Jerwani is extremely happy and thankful for this,” he said in a social media post.

Meanwhile, Jasmine Joseph has reported that her son has been responding well to treatment and is slowly improving in health.