Final Featured Artist Added to Jazz and Creole Line up

by: - April 24, 2019
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Assistant Events Coordinator of Dominica Festivals  Committee, Earlson Matthew

A final featured artist has been added to the annual Jazz and Creole line up. This was announced by Assistant Events Coordinator of Dominica Festivals  Committee, Earlson Matthew.  Creole-Jazz artist, Tony Chasseur joins The Smith Brothers, Mel, and Johann Chukaree.

At this week’s Jazz and Creole press conference, Matthew described Tony Chasseur as an “epitome” of this year’s Jazz and Creole.  Chasseur will be accompanied by The Ronald Tulle Quartet.

“Patrons will experience a real jazz blend with creole sound. This collaboration is some-what a new page on it’s already rich musical itinerary, Piano virtuoso, Ronald Tulle exploits the elasticity of Chasseur’s vocal to propose a magical and enthusiastic repertoire supported by the solo bass of Michel Alibo. The result is creole- jazz based on an in depth exploration on Caribbean rhythms and melody, primarily based on zouk and creole as well as an international touch to create constant creativity on stage,” Matthew said.

Matthew also confirmed that  the featured artists are finalized, however complimentary artists will soon be announced.

Jazz & Creole Festival main event is carded for May 5th at Fort Shirley, Cabrits National Park.


Creole-Jazz artist, Tony Chasseur