Chief Magistrate opposed to Decriminalization of Cannabis

by: - April 23, 2019
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Chief Magistrate, Candia Carette-George


Chief Magistrate, Candia Carette-George has made public her concerns were there to be a decision to decriminalize the use of Marijuana in Dominica. Making reference to matters brought before the court in recent times, Carette- George conveyed that Dominica is not quite prepared for such a decision.

“If we were to go into that direction, I hope we are prepared to build a rehabilitation center, to expand our psychiatric unit and all of these things,” she stated at a recent national consultation which was held  under the theme “Resilient Families, Strong Communities.”

Carette-George continued to say, ” The people who smoke [cannabis], I know some of their arguments would be that cannabis is a herb, it doesn’t really affect anything, it’s just a herb that relaxes. But it’s a bad practice and when it starts, the drug dealers want to sell more so they put a piece of crack or cocaine inside of the cannabis and by the time the young people smoke it they end up in psychiatric unit.”

The Chief Magistrate also conveyed that she fears the use of marijuana among the youth has already been established as normal practice.

“There are too many  cases where we see children coming before the court over and over, I would say the leading cases are theft and possession of cannabis. Sad to say a lot of our young people, especially the young men, believe that that’s the fashion  and that’s the style and if ‘I don’t smoke then I cannot relax’.”

The Chief Magistrate was speaking on the topic, ‘Legal issues Impacting Family Life – Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Crime.”