DEXIA refutes accusations of sabotaging local farmers

by: - April 17, 2019
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General Manager of DEXIA, Gregoire Thomas

General Manager of Dominica Export and Import Agency (DEXIA), Gregoire Thomas reiterates that DEXIA’s missions solely stands towards the benefit of the local  farmers. His comments in response to accusations made by farmer and Executive Member of the Electoral Commission, Hillary Shillingford.

Speaking on Q95 radio, Shillingford accused DEXIA of  making moves which may lead to the “sabotage” of local farmers. He also expressed that his views are  based on his personal experience as a farmer.

“If DEXIA has an interest in making farmers produce their produce at a higher standard that would be welcomed. But when I see what DEXIA proposed to me from a friend of mine in Portsmouth who works with DEXIA, I said it appears that there is a hidden agenda in that from day one, where farmers would pass on all their hucksters to DEXIA. You don’t pass your Hucksters to DEXIA and then you dump the material direct to DEXIA; DEXIA package it and DEXIA sell it,” Shillingford said.

 However, in an interview with DA Vibes,  Thomas expressed that DEXIA remains focused on working towards the benefit of the farmers in Dominica.

He highlighted that one of the most recent initiatives of DEXIA revolves around the beginning of operations  of the multipurpose pack-houses.

Thomas confirmed that “currently there are a few crops we have used as a pilot to be able to have some consistency with regards to the quantities that are available for export. Those crops are dasheen, plantains, hot peppers and yams.”

“It means that every month we establish certain acreages so that we stagger the plantain so that we can get better volume. The exporters can speak to the fact that they get value by coming to the pack-houses to be able to purchase produce for their export market operations,” he said.

According to Thomas,”DEXIA has remained true to the mandate to satisfy the requirements of the exporting community.”

Farmer and Executive Member of the Electoral Commission,Hillary Shillingford