Family of Hilaire Expresses Disappointment in APU in Reference to Recent Disappearance

by: - April 16, 2019
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Nell Hilaire, 27

Subsequent to a missing report filed for a young mentally challenged Nell Hilaire, 27 of Mahaut, his family   has expressed it’s disappointment towards the manner in which the situation was handled by the Acute Psychiatric Unit of the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

Hilaire was reported missing from Sunday 7th April 2019 and according to the reports from the Police PRO, he left home on Friday 5th April and was last seen by residents of Mahaut on Sunday 7th April.

It was later reported that the  young man entered the PMH on April 6th 2019 complaining that he wasn’t feeling well. He was admitted and is currently a patient at the Acute Psychiatric Unit (APU).

Hilaire’s sister informed DA Vibes that her brother has been admitted to APU before and has been a patient there for many years.

She stated that the family had first assumed that Hilaire had been visiting his father, which is customary.

She said, “The family had to ensure that all measures were taken to ensure that we did our due diligence in finding Nell before reporting him missing. “Missing individuals” have become an increasing trend in Dominica and the public have somewhat become frustrated with this and we wanted to ensure that we were not taking advantage of the public’s trust.”


“Once we couldn’t find Nell, police was contacted, the prison was called and so was the hospital. All denied having an individual by the  name of Nell Hilaire admitted to their care.” she relayed

“The family is very disappointed on how this was handled because all of Nell’s contacts should be on file. In addition, they were called to inquire on whether or not he was admitted into their care but claimed that he was not. There is no reason why over the days that he was admitted that no one called his family. This is negligence if you ask me. And if you do not who is the person in your care, why not report it to the Police just in case someone is looking for that person?” Hilaire’s sister continued.

Meanwhile, Head of the APU, Dr. Griffith Benjamin denies the accusation of the family not being contacted by the APU to some extent.

Benjamin said that the APU is legally bound to alert the next of kin of any patient within 24 to 48 hours of admission.  He confirmed ,  that  several attempts were made to contact Hilaire’s family but to no avail.

Head of the APU at the PMH, Dr. Griffin Benjamin