“Ravages of a Monster Storm on a Tropical island” Officially Launched

by: - April 12, 2019
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Author of ‘Ravages of a Monster Storm on a Tropical Island’, Pastor Jules Pascal


Inspired by the unfortunate events of Hurricane Maria in September 2017, “Ravages of a Monster Storm on a  Tropical Island: Dominica Days & Nights to Remember” was written and published.

The author of the book which depicts this experience, Jules Pascal held the launching of his work on Thursday 11th April 2019 at the Conference room of the Prevo Cinemall, where he disclosed details of that dreadful night.

“It is a book about the experiences of people who lived through the storm and people who survived and are still struggling from the storm and it’s after effects. People whose lives will never be the same.”

Pascal read a few excerpts from his book hinting what is to be expected.

“When the winds blew, in heavy blasts and drove the rain that pounded the roof tops, plastered the walls and saturated the bare earth, it made life unbearable for the masses and has caused much pain, suffering and extreme discomfort due to personal, communal and national loss which many still experience days, months and even years after the passage of that dreadful Hurricane Maria. Relief may have come but for some, feelings of despondency, uncertainty and fear still exist. ”

Pascal, who is also an ordained Minister said that the book also presents the questioning of one’s spiritual belief, as it raises an important question, “Where was God in all this?”

“I’m looking at presenting God before, during and after the Hurricane. I [aim] to challenge one’s faith because many people ask the question, ‘Where was God then?'”

Jules Pascal has been an ordained minister  since 2002 and is known for writing various other pieces of poetry which are still popular in Dominica today. These pieces include “ Derriere Hazier La” which is a creole term for “Behind the Bush”, a popular creole song.  Derrirer Hazier La was written in 1982 and won first place for best creole poem in the National Independence Poetry Competition. In 1992, music and melody was added to the poem.

Jules has been in the Public service for over forty years and has published articles and written reviews and policy documents both locally and regionally.

‘The Ravages of a Monster Storm on a Tropical Island:Dominica’ is available for purchase at Jays book store.