Vibes Radio Under new Management

by: - April 4, 2019
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General Manager of Vibes Radio and Dominica Vibes, Mrs. Kimani St.Jean


Vibes Radio and Dominica Vibes has recently been placed under new management, by CEO of Vibes Radio, Mr. Lennox Lawrence.

As of Monday 1st April 2019, the establishment has been pulled under the wings of new General Manager, Kimani St. Jean.

In an interview with DA Vibes, Mr. Lennox Lawrence expressed that this decision was made solely in an effort to enhance the company and that he envisions Mrs. St. Jean as an individual who will facilitate this endeavor.

“We are in the process of upgrading, making our systems far better, more dynamic, more cutting- edge so all of the new processes we are now implementing are for that specific purpose. To get us to remain at number one but even more so to go further ahead of what number two is. We do not know what number two is but we want to go further than number two so we are implementing new measures right now.”

Lawrence expressed that with new management he holds expectation of the company broadening it’s market share.

“With new management we look forward to expanding our market share. we also look forward to create the kind of products that are international…. We are seeking to see a more international climate inside Vibes Radio.”


Mr. Lawrence says he looks forward to having more time for his prime profession as an attorney while the new manager carries on the vision of Vibes Radio. The Vibes Corporation CEO says he sees Mrs. St. Jean as a “leader and a trend –setter, hence she being selected as the general manager as opposed to other applicants .”

Meanwhile, new general manager, Mrs. Kimani St. Jean communicated her excitement  about being part of the Vibes Radio team.

“I’m excited about the prospects and just all the ideas and all the events that we are going to be coming up with as Vibes Radio; it’s just a matter of a new dimension to media, a new dimension to radio broadcasting and different elements of radio… so it is something that I am looking forward to.  It’s a new challenge for me but I’m pretty much  excited about it and Dominicans can look forward to all the exciting events that Vibes will be putting forward in the near future.”

St. Jean further expressed her love for media and stated that she looks forward to positively impacting the staff of Vibes Radio and Dominica Vibes.