Fourteen to Represent Dominica in Emerging Handball Nations Tournament

by: - April 2, 2019
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A 14-man team has been chosen by the Dominica Handball Association to represent Dominica at the Emerging Handball Nations Tournament in Santo Domingo.

The tournament will take place from Apr. 7 – 15, 2019.

The team will be managed by Justina Sobbers, Sports teacher of the Wesley High School and coached by Edmund Audain from the Sports Division.

President of the Dominica Handball Association, Felix Wilson will also accompany the team.

President of Special Olympics Dominica, Ainsworth Irish informed DA vibes that handball is a sport that has been developed since 2014 in Dominica.

“Dominica gave good representation couple years ago in Guadeloupe, as well as Martinique and Chicago. The international body is very happy with the development of handball in Dominica. Certainly, we are grouped with Puerto Rico, Canada amongst some twelve countries representing. Three speaking countries; Dominica, St Kitts and Barbados have been invited to participated in this tournament. “

Irish also expressed that he is looking forward to great things from the Dominica Team

“We are looking to a very good account from the team and we can only hope that they can lead up to expectations and strengthen the sport of hand ball in Dominica”