The UMAI hosts it’s first International Grading

by: - April 2, 2019
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Shannah Robin and Students of the UMAI

The Universal Martial Arts is officially being opened on an international scale as its first International Grading was hosted on Mar. 30, 2019.

CEO of UMAI, Shannah Robin expressed to DA Vibes, his pleasure of “being the founder of such a beautiful and dynamic system that started right here in Dominica.”

He said that a total of 18 Students moved through the ranks of the ‘’Robin Ryu’ system and that Dominica is emerging on the world map.

“The system is me wanting to create something dynastic and realistic where Martial Arts is concern. So the system was born when I resign from my style. And a combination of all the different style of Martial Arts I did was combine to make a complete fighting system.”

“We are putting our country, Dominica on the map in sports tourism and it only gets better. I want to thank you too UMAI students and parents in Dominica for believing in this wonderful opportunity and vision where young stars can travel the world competing and bringing people to nature island of the Caribbean.”

Robin firmly expressed his desire to continue being an ambassador for his country while being a role model to the youth.

“It was my dream to have people from different countries train together under one roof sharing and giving off positive energy. Nothing would be better than world peace. Our System is recognized around the world China, the USA, the Caribbean and Canada.”

Robin described the International Grading as being “historical” for Dominica.

He has dreams of inviting Martial Arts legends to Dominica to host an international Martial Arts event.