Prime Minister says Dominica economy is predicted nine percent growth in 2019

by: - March 29, 2019
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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

Prime Minister, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit said that “according to Economic Latin American and the Caribbean (ELAC), the Dominica economy is predicted to grow by nine percent this year.”

This was announced at a United Nations Climate and Sustainable Development for All Meeting on Mar.28,2019.

Skerrit confirmed that Dominica’s Growth Domestic Product (GDP) was greatly affected as a result of Hurricane Maria.

“This hurricane literally reduced our homes, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, general infrastructure and our economy to rubble. In the space of a few hours, Maria wiped out 225% of Dominica’s GDP. ”

However, the Prime Minister went on to make mention of the country’s progress and development made prior to the passing of the major natural disaster.

“Our infrastructure is being built, new homes and schools have gone up and the new modern hospital is under construction.”

Skerrit indicated that Dominica has defied the odds post Hurricane Maria and that the country is on a clear course of growth. He continued to express that “our national recovery has been led by the resilient and resourceful people of Dominica at home and abroad who were determined not to be defeated by the mighty forces of nature.”

He further stated that regarding the fact Dominica is on “the front line of the battle against climate change”, now is the time for the global community to take decisive action to support SIDS in building capacity, ensuring clear predictable sources of financing developing low carbon technologies offering a future to our young people providing a decent standard of living for our citizens and securing our sustainable development.