Family Empowerment Movement Inc Officially Launched

by: - March 27, 2019
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Chairman of FEM, Dr. Thomas Holmes

The University of the West Indies Open Campus brought across the importance of Family Empowerment through the Family Empowerment Movement (FEM) INC which was launched at the campus on Mar. 26, 2019.

FEM INC is a foundation that has been present for quite some time and has set sight on exploring the goods and empowerment of families here in Dominica. It is based on providing support to ensure that healthy families are cared for in order to promote positive nation building.

At the official launching, chairman of FEM INC, Dr. Thomas Holmes expressed the need for the Family Empowerment Inc Movement.

“Our Dominican families are greatly challenged and we need the assistance to promote healthy family living togetherness and understanding.”

He also went on to talk about the negative issues such as: child abuse, criminality, lack of parental support and other aspects which affect children at home.

FEM INC looks forward in making strides in Dominica to promote the positive living that all families deserve.