Hon. Joseph Isaac Organizes ‘Koudemen’ for villagers of Wavine Cocque

by: - March 26, 2019
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Hon. Joseph Isaac on the Koudemen project

The residents of Fondcole have been granted easy and safe access to their homes via a newly built staircase, by virtue of a ‘Koudemen’ activity which took place on Mar. 23, 2019 in Wavine Cocque.

The ‘Koudemen’ is a Creole term which according to Dr. Lennox Honeychurch means ‘persons would spontaneously give a helping hand to those in need’. It was originated from the French term ‘a coupe de main’.

This project was initiated by Dominica Labour Party representative and Minister of the Environment,
Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal, Honorable Joseph Isaac.

In an interview with DA Vibes, Isaac expressed that the Koudemen was established after conducting his ‘home to home’ visits and realizing that “the parliamentary representative of Roseau South was not representing well.”

“When I went there, I saw that the situation in regards to the access of their property was really in need of assistance. After discussion with the people, we decided to embark on a Koudemen. which is a movement of love, a movement of care in the Roseau North constituency.”

Throughout the interview, Isaac showed appreciation to the people of Wavine Cocque who were part of the project and confirmed that almost fifty persons were on the site. He continued to say that more development is in the pipeline as he plans to improve the Lindo Park field in Goodwill.

Villagers of Wavine Cocque assisting in the Koudemen project