OECS Climate Change Adaptation Pilot Project officially culminated

by: - March 15, 2019
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A Climate Change Adaptation Pilot Project facilitated by the Environmental Sustainability Cluster of Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and implemented by the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division has successfully been completed in Dominica.

This project was officially culminated at a ceremony in the Forestry Division on Thursday Mar. 14.

The OECS Secretariat through its Social and Sustainable Development Division (SSDD), in partnership with the European Union Global Climate Change Alliance as the primary investor implemented a regional project entitled; Climate change adaptation and sustainable land management in the Eastern Caribbean. Dominica along with the other OECS islands have benefitted from the initiation of this project from a $10.6 Million budget. Over $1 million was designated to the implementation of the project in Dominica.

The overall objective of this project was targeted at contributing to the implementation of the St George’s Declaration of Principles for Environmental Sustainability which seeks to achieve the long-term protection and sustained productivity of the region’s natural resource base and the ecosystem services it provides.

Specifically, this project aimed to improve the region’s natural resource base resilience to the impacts of climate change, through effective and sustainable land management frameworks and practices and through specific adaptation pilot projects focused on physical infrastructure and ecosystems.

According to Head of Environmental Sustainability Cluster at the OECS, Chamberlain Emmanuel the overall in Dominica began in January 2014, at that time a “gap analysis” was performed to determine the needs and design of various interventions. However, the actually implementation phase began in early 2017 and was delayed by Hurricane Maria.

Emmanuel also mentioned that there was two phasing of this project, which is, the  Soft Component where the framework and training is done and the Physical Adaptation Pilot.

This project targeted the Coastal Areas with solutions that may reduce bush fires. The division recognized that majority of bush fires are wide-spread where there is Lemon grass and Citronella Grass therefore the project was used as a mitigation method.

Through this project the division was able to replace lemon grass and citronella grass with flowers and trees on the coastal areas of Jimmit, Tareau and Scottshead.

The OECS also donated several tools to the division inclusive of a vehicle; tree pruning equipment; equipment to maintain the newly planted trees and grass cutters.