Public advised to refrain from ignition of bush fires due to dry season

by: - March 15, 2019
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The Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division has announced the commencement of the dry season or “Careme”. The season begins in March and runs until June. As a result, the public is advised to exercise caution when igniting fires or refrain from this completely.

The Division advises to ensure that necessary fires are ignited in a controlled environment. In an interview with DA Vibes, assistant Forestry Officer, Norman Anthony, confirmed that due to the recent passage of Hurricane Maria the land is presently fertile.

“The land is still vulnerable. Our eco-system, our bio-diversity, our wildlife is still recovering.”

The Division is also pleading with the public to keep in mind that bush fires are extremely dangerous. They affect both human life and the environment. It is extremely detrimental to the food and habitat of our wildlife.

Bush fires destroy native plant species and create conditions for the introduction and rapid spread of invasive species. They cause great destruction to soil life and nutrients, resulting in changes in the soil texture and physical conditions