Minister of Elclesiastical Affairs urges for women to be positively recognised in society

by: - March 14, 2019
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Minister of Ecclesiastical Affaires ,Family and Gender Affairs, Hon. Catherine Daniel

The Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs in collaboration with the Bureau of Gender Affairs, hosted an Exceptional Women’s Award on the evening of Wednesday Mar. 13, 2019. The event highlighted International Women’s Day to award women who played a special role in different sectors.

At the ceremony, Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs, Family and Gender Affairs, Honorable Catherine Daniel, expressed that women should be honored and recognized for good rather than the negative aspects.

“Sometimes it’s only when people do bad things that we go to social media and we spread this very quickly and we are quick to denigrate people. But we need to take a lead from tonight’s observation of women and what women have contributed. I think if we do more of these positive actions in our country, then we will be well on our way to being a healthy and stronger nation”

Daniel further stated that investing in the potential of women and girls is a sure way to achieve progress and stability, as well as a stronger nation. She mentioned the significance of more women having made themselves available for leadership in Dominica, referring to the thirteen female candidates of the Dominica Labour Party.

“We are running a clean politics. We are out to seek after the development of our children, women, and men and to make Dominica a healthy place that we can live in love and unity.” Daniel stated.

Among thirteen women awarded at the ceremony, Mrs. Melissa Skerrit was one out of three awarded under the Leadership category. She was recognized as the founder of the Melissa Skerrit Foundation which has been in existence for the past five years. The foundation caters to different programs which are Back to School, Elderly Care, Mother and Baby and School Feeding.

The award was presented by Honorable Catherine Daniel

Minister for Eclesiastical Affairs, Hon. Catherine Daniel (Left) Mrs. Melissa Skerrit(Right)

Thirteen awardees of the Exceptional Women’s Award Ceremony