Martinique national movie director presents new film featuring Dominica’s history

by: - March 14, 2019
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Minister for Tourism, Hon. Robert Tonge (Left) and Martinique film-director, Patrick Baucelin (Right)

A Martinique national and movie director, Patrick Baucelin, recently produced a new film, “The Secrets of The Caribbean Fortresses part two” .

Baucelin met with the Ministry of Tourism on Mar. 13, 2019 at the Ministry of Tourism conference room and launched this project. It depicts historical features of different Caribbean countries, including Dominica.

The documentary portrayed features of Fort Shirley and Fort Cachacou

Baucellin stated that he sees Caribbean film-making as “a passion” .

“I am independent, but I feel it is a passion for me. I have stopped my professional activity to make documentaries about the Caribbean.”

Baucelin mentioned that part one of the film is portrayed at several film festivals around the world and has received seven international awards.

Over the years, Baucelin distinguished himself as an author, producer and director. The award-winning film producer is now honored with the Caribbean Tourism Organizations (CTO) Lifetime Achievement Award for 2017. He received this during the annual Caribbean Tourism Industry Awards Luncheon.

Meanwhile, Minister for Tourism, Hon. Robert Tonge, expressed that the film will contribute greatly to the education sector.

“Most of us have done history in school and we had the traditional books and didn’t have the additional perspectives,” said Tonge. “So I think these films and documentaries will give our students a different perspective in terms of the visual of the various forts.”

He went on to say that work is on its way to improve on the location of Fort Cachacou. This will improve the site as it was done at Fort Shirley.

Patrick Baucelin says that the next documentary will feature cathedral churches in the Caribbean and will cover the history of the Caribbean churches. Following said film, Baucelin plans to do another documentary which will depict the growth in lifestyle of the Caribbean people within one century.

Tonge encouraged Baucelin to work with Dominican videographers and producers in an effort to facilitate his production and decrease the work-load.