43 runners to run a marathon in Dominica

by: - March 12, 2019
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Forty-three runners from fourteen different countries have decided to include Dominica in an Eastern Caribbean Challenge organized by Z Adventures.

The runners landed in Dominica via the MV Coasta Magica from Guadeloupe and has made Dominica their fifth stop on their quest to run a seven day marathon in six Caribbean Islands.

The route for the marathon is from the Ferry Terminal in Roseau to the Roseau Market, up to Goodwill and then back to Roseau.

According to the CEO of Z Adventures, Ziyad Rahim the aim of this group is to run seven marathons in six days and one marathon on the Cruise Ship. He says the team will run a marathon of a 42.2 km race each day. Rahim explained that the runners who are taking part in the marathon are all “record breaking runners” nine of the 12 runners in this group, have completed a marathon in 100+ countries will be part of the challenge. In total, these runners have completed over 4,000 marathons in 180+ countries around the world.

CEO of Z Adventures, Ziyad Rahim

“You will not find the same kind of caliber of runners in the same racing area. Our oldest competitor is 81 years old. All our runners are amateurs. Some are doctors, lawyers, teachers, diplomats and bankers. But we all have one thing in common; the love for travel and running. In short, we are a United Nations of runners hopping from island to island, country to country and sharing the tarmac with like minded people all over the world,” Rahim expressed.

The marathon the group will participate in in Dominica take  organized by Discover Dominica Authority and Dominica Amateur Athletics Association. After Dominica, the runners will travel to  Martinique and  St. Vincent to complete the seven marathon adventure.