Police to place charges against Rhianna Serrant for false kidnap report

by: - March 12, 2019
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Deputy Chief of Police, Lincoln Corbette (Left) Alleged kidnapped teen, Rhianna Serrant (Right)

Deputy Chief of Police, Lincoln Corbette announced at a media press conference held at the Police Headquarters, that charges will be placed against Rhianna Serrant, 16, of Pointe Michel.

The press conference took place on Mar. 11, 2019.

Rhianna Serrant was reported kidnapped by two masked men in a red vehicle on Mar. 9, 2019 and was discovered walking with a male companion in the village of Stockfarm on Mar. 10, 2019. Upon discovery, the police was contacted and she was taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital for examinations.

Corbette stated that the report was indeed false and that the story was planned in advance and that Serrant did not want to be found.

He  described the situation as ” a waste of the police’s time” and expressed that it was an “unfortunate” case.

“When we received the report, the police conducted several investigations and including vehicle check points, foot patrols and searches. About 60 police officers were assisting in the search for this child. Officers were called in while off duty when they could be resting. Thousands of dollars went into the investigation.”

Corbet informed the media that the young man who accompanied Serrant is currently assisting with investigations.