Triple Kay Mega Monday deemed a success

by: - March 8, 2019
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Carnival Monday in Dominica was considered one of the best celebrated, as manager of the Triple Kay band, Jeoffery Joseph expressed that the Mega Monday event was a huge success.

Joseph also opinionated that carnival 2019 has entered the history books as it relates to the Triple Kay band and considers it one of the most successful events.

“I think Carnival 2019 has gone down in the History books. Mega Monday was a tremendous success because it was a lot of hard work and a lot of perseverance and a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of excitement from the band members and from the fans, the sponsors and the people who worked with us to ensure we had a fun filled and successful event”

The Triple Kay Band elevates further in success, claiming the first ever  ‘Bouyon Road March’ award, with their popular song ‘Heat’. The song received 70% of votes , surpassing Asa Bantan’s hit song ‘Move’ and Signal band’s ‘Bachanaly’.

Jeoffery Joseph informed DA Vibes that this achievement is considered a memorable one.

“Well I think we have been making that stride and the fact that so many people have accepted and appreciated the efforts and work we been putting in, this award only cements the fact that we are indeed the ‘People’s Band”

Joseph mentioned that the competition goes well with the genre and creates an opportunity for commendation because with commendation, there will always be a strive for excellence.

The Bouyon Road March initiative was organized by business man  Emile Depooter, Former Exectutive Director of the Dominica’s Festivals Committee, Val Cuffy and Jeffrey Baptiste of Flow Dominica.

The votes were carried out via a broadcast text platform and individuals were given the privilege to text their Bouyon song choice to the assigned number. The winner is awarded a cash prize of $5,500.

Massive crowd pulled by the Triple Kay Band For Carnival