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La Salette Global Association honours Maria victims

by: - March 6, 2019
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The La Salette Global Association will host a ceremony as a tribute to the Pointe Michel Maria victims.

This ceremony will be held at the St Luke’s Primary School on Mar. 7, 2019 at 5 p.m. A plaque will be presented to the Point Michel Village Council.

The La Salette Global Association was established in 2018. One of the main objectives was to work together with persons residing in the United Kingdom, Canada, the Caribbean and the United States to enhance the village of Pointe Michel. The association is a UK based entity however it was started by people from Pointe Michel

The plaque that will be donated is a five foot commemorative plaque honoring the Hurricane Maria Victims from Pointe Michel.

According to Liaison Officer of the La Salette Global Association, Lynn Delsol, there were 17 victims of Hurricane Maria from Pointe Michel. Four were confirmed dead leaving 13 people unaccounted for. In light of this unfortunate occurrence the association has decided to honor these people.

Ophelia Marie is expected to host this ceremony. Dignitaries inclusive of the Parliamentary Representative Denise Charles and the Chair Person of the association Carlton Philbert are expected to be present at this event