Bouyon Day : Bouyon music has evolved

by: - February 26, 2019
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Bouyon Pioneers

Today, Dominica recognizes Bouyon Day as a special day for Bouyon music, artists and musicians. Bouyon day is usually celebrated on the Tuesday prior to Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

This initiative started in 2015 as a movement to promote Bouyon music as a Dominican Genre.

Bouyon Artist and producer, ‘Chum Dada’  expressed that “Bouyon music has evolved” today as compared to the late 1980s.

“In terms of the music itself, we have come a long way, the music has evolved into a more hardcore sort of vibe. Before, the tempo was slower and the grove was friendlier in a sense. It suited an age group but right now we hear older folks saying its young people ting. But I think we still have a lot of great things happening. “

Chum Dada further expressed that he yearns to see artists take the art form more seriously.

“Music is a profession and not only about the fun and fame. It’s a business. We see a lot of international artists become millionaires because there is a lot of money involved in music. I just want to see our artists and musicians take it more seriously. Make sure you copy write your work. Work on your distribution, don’t just send it to your friends. If you releasing your song – artwork is attached in order to rip more benefits.”

Chum Dada is popularly known as the former lead singer of the well-known band “MFR” out of Portsmouth and is now a producer and Radio personality  at Vibes Radio. Chum is also the host of the show, “Riddim Nation” .

Bouyon has been a governing genre in Dominica from the late 1980’s and the most popular band carrying that genre was WCK (Windward Caribbean Kulture).

In Dominica, the word “Bouyon” is usually used to address a good soup or broth.  The Bouyon pot was cooked by the WCK band during an experiment with Jing-ping and Candence-lypso. The band then added some drum rhythms such as the local Lapeau – Cabwit and Raga- style vocals.  The rhythm served as the sauce of the Bouyon while the lyrics represented the meat.

Presently, Bouyon is still a very popular genre in Dominica and the industry is growing at a rapid pace.

DA Vibes wishes to express gratitude to all Bouyon artists and musician who have made a contribution to Bouyon over the years.