Dominica Cricket Umpire Association on recruitment drive

by: - February 21, 2019
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(President of the Dominica Cricket Umpire Association, Heston Charles)

The Dominica Cricket Umpire Association (DCUA) is currently facing a shortage of umpires. As a result there was an absence in umpires in the cricket games over the weekend, which led to the cancellation of the games. The DCUA took full responsibility and apologized for the disappointment.

President of the DCUA Heston Charles spoke to DA Vibes. He outlined a plan to recruit new umpires to the association via an ongoing recruitment campaign. He urged all who are interested to join the DCUA.

“I am hoping that the young ladies and young men out there who wants to do something in life takes up umpiring . If you’re a person who is into sports you can reach very far in umpiring”

Charles, additionally mentioned that umpiring  provides an avenue to achieve dreams in the field of sports.