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DCTAI launches Community Tourism Enhancement Competition

by: - February 20, 2019
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Lazar Charles Assistant- Secretary Treasurer of DCTAI, Josephine Dublin-Prince- President of DCTAI, Kevin Francis- Executive Vice President, Lester Riviere- Manager of DCTAI, Emaline Humphreys -Technical Officer in the Ministry of Tourism and Culture

The Dominica Community Tourism Association Inc. (DCTAI) has launched a pilot initiative which is called the Community Tourism Enhancement Competition (CTEC).

The launching was held on Tuesday 19th February at the conference room in the Ministry of Trade and Employment.

This initiative to enhance our community tourism product will be anchored on four pillars: cleanliness; landscaping; hospitality and; community involvement.

The cleanliness pillar will focus primarily on proper garbage and/or waste disposal. The landscaping pillar seeks to propagate pristine green environments through appropriate care and maintenance. This should be done in a manner that ensures that plants, flowers, greenery, and shrubbery are cultivated and manicured in an innovative and attractive manner. The hospitality pillar will focus on the softer skills of visitor receptiveness, customer service, and the conception of unique customer experiences.

The community involvement pillar will examine the ability of community tourism entities to mobilize support from the residents and stakeholders within their respective communities and generate the greatest amount of participation within their communities.

This will be in the done in a competitive manner where neighboring communities or villages in the northern and north-eastern districts will be grouped into five zones and will be required to host an event during the months of March and April in one selected area in each zone.

The participating zones are grouped as: Zone A being from Castle Bruce to the Kalinago Territory; Zone B comprises of the communities from Marigot to Woodfordhill; Zone C includes Bense to Calibishie; Zone D represents the Penville/ Vielle Case / Thibaud area and Zone E is the Capuchin/ Toucarie / Tantan region.

This will then be evaluated by a team of judges who will assess the event considering the outline of the four pillars.

Monetary prizes will be awarded to each of the participating zones with the most outstanding receiving the most valued prize along with a trophy. There will be a prize giving to facilitate this during the Tourism Awareness Month in May 2019.

The Dominica Community Tourism Association Incorporated (DCTAI) plans to develop this initiative into an annual event, where the activity will be rotated in the different communities within the various zone.