Prime Minister Honorable Dr Roosevelt Skerrit addresses rumors against DLP candidates

by: - February 19, 2019
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Anicka Charles

Candidate for Marigot Miss Anicka Charles has expressed her dismay to the slanderous campaign launch against her post her endorsement on Sunday. This was stated by Prime Minister Honorable Dr Roosevelt Skerrit yesterday during a press briefing. Miss Charles wishes to withdraw from her candidacy as a Labour Party representative in the political run .

 Miss Charles related her decision to withdraw from the front line of elective politics, in a meeting with the General Secretary of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) Edward Registe yesterday.

Regardless, Miss Charles wishes to continue her work to improve the living standards and quality of life in the Marigot constituency in other capacities.

Honourable Dr Roosevelt Skerrit says that Miss Charles will still be recognized as a member of the Labour party and she will be comforted by other members at this time of victimization.

“It is regrettable that the 2020 elections started in this way” The PM stated.

However the Prime Minister stated that Miss Charles withdrawal permitted a vacancy for candidacy in the Marigot constituency. He says as political leader he will name a replacement for that position at a suitable time.

Further, Honourable Dr Roosevelt Skerrit addressed allegations of criminal activity being brought against the candidate representing the Petite Savanne constituency, Marva Williams.

Marva Wiliams

“If someone of whom she is associated with, is or can be considered a person of interest to the authorities in another country investigating a serious criminal matter. I am at loss to understand how that impacts her own qualification and stability to function as a servant of the people of Dominica. Every person suspected of a criminal offence whether minor or serious is presumed innocent until proven guilty.” The Prime Minister expressed.

The DLP has no intention of getting involved in any gossip or rumors and will not be distracted.

Prime Minister Skerrit assures that the candidate is innocent and will be embraced as she continues to serve as a member of the DLP.