NEWS RELEASE: Dominica Cadet Corp invited to St.Lucia’s 40th Independence Celebrations

by: - February 19, 2019
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A contingent of some 100 officers and cadets representing the Dominica Cadet Corp has been invited to take part in St Lucia’s 40 anniversary of Independence.

Adjutant Major Fitzroy Leon will lead the contingent which will participate in the celebrations. One platoon  and the cadet band will  participate in the Independence Day parade on February 21st.

On Sunday, an advanced party will leave for St Lucia while the cadets and other officers depart on February 19th .The visit to St Lucia is also expected to facilitate the: exchange of culture; strengthen cadetting and; help build civic mindedness among the cadets.

The participation of the Dominica Cadet Corp in St Lucia’s independence celebration has received the support of the business community. Discover Dominica Authority is the platinum sponsor.

The Dominica Cadet Corp has close to 400 members. After a 21 year dormancy following Hurricane David in 1979 the Dominica Cadet Corp was revived in 2000. On 19th January the  Act was passed formalizing the revival of the Corp and on 25th January the act was gazetted.

For more information on the DCC visit to St Lucia please contact Actg. Major Lincoln Robinson
Tel: – 316 6127
Nazarine Gordon SAUO
Head -Public Relations Unit DCC