Reo hits 1 million views

by: - February 12, 2019
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Twenty-four year old Colihaut   native  and  Bouyon artist, Dario Sebastien , better known by his stage name, “Reo”  hits a million views for his popular music video “Sa Ka Bay”. The video, based in Dominica and Guadeloupe featuring DJ Bling  was released in July of 2018.

“Sa Ka Bay”  which translates to mean “ It has vibes” has been a very popular song in Dominica and so has landed the video on the 1 million view- chart. In an interview with DA Vibes, Reo said that the increase in number of views serves as a push and he plans to do more. “Right now I’m  focused on doing more so  more artists can show more of what our talents persist of and how far we can go” Reo mentioned.

He also announced his new music video, “Dangerous” which can be viewed online. Currently the artist is working on a music video with French Bouyon artist, Edday called “oo-la-la” and promises that it will be worth looking forward to.

Reo is also known for his other singles such as  “ Dominica I from” , “Looters  Paradise” and “Corn”. His fan base stretched to Guadeloupe soon after his “Sa Ka Bay” music video release and so he was also able to perform at several events there.

“I really hoping to set the bar high and so I would like to thank all of my fans and the whole 365 team, and everybody who supported us”. Reo showed his gratitude for his success. This achievement at such a small space of time is seen as extraordinary in the eyes of many.

Sa Ka Bay” was produced by Kruzan Beats and mixed and mastered by PHA and thaWizZarD. Reo is co-managed by Tridel Edwin of 365 Music and Rangi Frederick of EZBuy