VF Inc to host 9th Annual Phenomenal Caribbean Women Symposium

by: - January 24, 2019
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VF Inc. will be hosting its Ninth Annual Phenomenal Caribbean Women Symposium on January 26, 2019 under the theme “What you conceive you can achieve because God has the power to deliver what he promises”.

The Objectives of the Symposium are to: Celebrate the successes of Caribbean Women; allow Caribbean Women to tell their stories of success; triumph over adversity, challenges, pain, joy and blessings; inspire Women to determine, re-discover and achieve their life’s purpose; demonstrate that achieving one’s life purpose is possible; develop a Personal Action Plan towards achieving one Life’s Purpose; reaffirm the role of women as Healers of the Nation and establish a network of support and opportunities for women

The presenters at the Ninth Annual Phenomenal Caribbean Women Symposium will be: Marceline Peters out of Trinidad and Tobago; Marlene Man – Watty and; Jessica Roxanne Bruney from Dominica. They will be telling their experiences of: hope; joy; faith; love and triumph over adversity; pain and challenges.