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The DCPA to donate a bin to every household in Tarreau

by: - January 24, 2019
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Dominica Consumer Protection Association on Wednesday July 18th held a consultation at the St. Joseph Village Council, to present a Solid Waste Management Project which will target the villages of: Mahaut; Layou; St. Joseph; Mero and; Salisbury, with special focus on the village of Tarreau

The DCPA will be working alongside many stakeholders to include: the Ministry of Agriculture; Dominica Solid Waste Management; Community Health Officers; the village councils; chruches; small businesses; groups and community organisations.

The DCAP focused on Tarreau for the pilot project for removing: all derilect vehicles; zink or galvanise and will also incorporate a community composter.  Speaking at the consultation Mrs. Partricia Hillaire Adams from the community of Tarreau said.

“Tarreau has been neglected many times and most persons do not even know where the community is, therefore we are happy to know that we are chosen for this special project. It is quiet community. I want to thank the Dominica Consumer Protection Association for choosing my little village and I know that this project will be a success. It will be a success because we believe in keeping our community clean. We believe in Development. we believe in each one do something and so the whole community and the country by extension will be greatly improved.”

Mr. Anthony Scotland, who President of the DCPA at that time  said the Solid Waste Management project aims  to provide composters for individual houses. This will enable individuals to generate their own compost which can be sold or used as organic fertilizer.

He further stated that the project with promote the concept of waste separation and recycling.

“We have a program where we will educate villagers on how to separate their waste: bottles: tins; plastics and; organic waste.

The Dominica Consumer Protection Association will hand over bins to the Tarreau community as a completion phase of a West Coast Solid Waste Management project done in the community.

On Thursday 24th January at 5 pm at Ryan’s Shop in Tarreau the Dominica Consumer Protection Association will host a bin handing over ceremony where every household in the Tarreau community will receive a bin. This is a total of 91 bins.

This gesture is a component of the second phase and the implementation of the first phase which was an Awareness and Education section of the Pilot Solid Waste Management project held in Tarreau.

This West Coast Solid Waste project was funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grant Program and began in July 2018 with Tarreau being the first community on the West Coast to benefit.

The Dominica Consumer Protection Association invites the residents of Tarreau to this ceremony.

Currently the DCPA is doing the first phase of the project in the Layou community.