Denise Charles Southern District Softball Cricket League Results

by: - January 22, 2019
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There were 2  semi final matches of the Denise Charles Southern District Softball Cricket League over the weekend.

The first match was between the Petro Caribe Pointe Mitchel team and the L&O team. The L&O team emerged as the winner of the match by 8 wickets scoring 82 for 2 in 6 overs. Cuffbert Maroni scored 31 runs and Dane Smallin 21 runs.

The Petro Caribe Pointe Mitchell team scored 77 for 4 with Gilbert Lando scoring 42 runs and Dale Peter scoring 9 runs.

In the second match the V.F Inc team was victorious against the Petite Coulibrie Scottshead team. They scored of 100 for 7 in 10 overs and the Petite Coulibrie team scored 91 all out with Joel Lewis scoring 23 and Terell Toussaint with 19. V.F Inc won by 9 runs.

According to Coordinator of the Denise Charles Softball league Heston Charles, the final match will be between the L&O team and the V.F Inc team on Sunday 27th January at 4 pm at the Pointe Mitchell playing field.