French investors visits PHARCS home

by: - January 17, 2019
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Premium Homes and Residential Care (PHARS) will have a site viewing ceremony of the reconstruction of the residential home in Giraudel.

PHARCS is a nonprofit organization established in 2014 to provide quality housing and care to senior citizens in Dominica. There are three PHARCS residential homes; one is located in Giraudel with the other two being in Morne Daniel.

As a consequence of hurricane Maria the residential homes were damaged hence the foreign investments for renovations. Only one of the three homes is operational and that is one in Morne Carmel, Morne Daniel.

Representatives who have assisted PHARCS in the renovations of the PHARCS residential buildings will visit the renovated building in Giraudel for the first time since the projects started in the last quarter of 2018.

The representatives who will be present at the ceremony are from the International Federation of the association of the Elderly Homes (FIAPA) association. FIAPA is an organization representing the Foundation of France and Amdor2000 which is an organization based in Martinique for the purpose of assisting senior citizens.

The relationship between PHARCS and FIAPA was birthed at a conference in Martinique shortly after Hurricane Maria while PHARCS representatives were seeking assistance from Amdor2000.

FIAPA has established the “Schoelcher Appeal” in October 2017 which intends to promote the establishment of a system of gerontological emergencies equipped with an observatory allowing monitoring, alerts and actions necessary for their prevention and treatment. Hence their efforts to collaborate with PHARCS post hurricane Maria.

In January 2018 FIAPA representatives visited Dominica to prepare a report on the needs of senior citizens based on the effects of hurricane Maria. The representatives went to the: Grotto Home for Homeless; the Infirmary; a Senior Citizens Home in Grandbay and; homes of individuals. This visit was prompted by appeal for assistance from PHARCS representative Marita Junkere.

It is for this reason FIAPA sponsored PHARCS by partially funding the renovation projects of PHARCS residential buildings in addition to sponsorship of building materials from AMDOR2000 which was donated to senior citizens last year.

Currently, there are twenty six residents at the PHARCS home in Morne Daniel and it is anticipated that the refurbishment of the other homes will be concluded by April 2019.