Dominica State College to offer two new courses

by: - January 15, 2019
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The Dominica State College will offer students two new programs next semester.

The Associates Degree in Social Work and the Associates Degree in General Studies with concentrations in: Public Health; Business Studies; Communication Science; Educational Foundation; and STEM will be offered at the next semester which will begin on 28th January, 2019.

Both Programs are being offered as Dominica State College continues to respond to market needs and global demands.

The Associates Degree in Social Work aims to provide students with introductory and foundation classes as well as opportunities for fieldwork experience.

An Associates Degree in Social Work allows for a good first step for any individual looking to gain valuable knowledge and experience before going on to Bachelors Degree or higher.

The program is also designed to allow for smooth transitioning from the associated degree to any Bachelors Program in Social Work. It also opens doors to careers in 2 multiple fields including: counseling; care for children and the elderly; policy development; welfare; family planning services; probation management and; corrections to name a few.

The Associated Degree in General Studies allows for the flexibility traditional degrees do not offer while still giving the student the foundation needed to continue to higher degrees or enter the world of work.

The concentrations offered allows for smooth transition into multiple fields including; business; education; public health; communication and science.