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Morne Prosper Pre And Primary school officially handed over

by: - January 11, 2019
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The Morne Prosper Primary and Pre School were officially handed over at a ceremony on the school grounds on Thursday 10th January 2019.

At the ceremony there were a number of speeches by various dignitaries including: Ms Chandler Hyacinth; Mrs Tina Alexander; David Campbell; Sandi Weir; Ellie Griffies Weld; Honorable Petter Saint Jean and Honorable Collin Mc Intyre. Also there were song presentations by the primary and pre school pupils.

Morne Prosper Primary school pupils

Construction works which began in August 2018 has resulted in a fully refurbished Pre School in Morne Prosper also a section of the primary has been fully reconstructed by the All Hands and Hearts volunteer team.

Morne Prosper Pre School pupils

All Hands And Hearts – Smart Response is a U.S.-based non-profit organization. Founded in September 2005 by David Campbell, All Hands provides relief to residents in areas affected by natural disasters in the U.S. and internationally. In late 2017 All Hands Volunteers merged with the Happy Hearts Fund, founded by Czech supermodel and philanthropist, Petra Němcová, to become All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response which is based in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.

Plaque from Latter Day Saints Church

Over 20 countries have been represented by over 100 All Hands and Heart volunteers in Dominica including students from the University of the West Indies and from the Sunny University of New York.

At the handing over ceremony the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Chandler Hyacinth said that the expenditure for this construction job totaled over $500,000 which was funded by: All Hands and Hearts; the Ministry of Education; the Government of Dominica; and other donors including  Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings LTD which made a donation of over 1 million dollars pledged to assist the rebuilding efforts in Dominica; The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Days Saints and the Cable and Wireless Charity Foundation.

Plaque from Cable and Wireless Charity Foundation

Plaques of representation were endorsed on pillars on the new Pre School building in recognition of the Cable and Wireless Charity Foundation, The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Days Saints and the Norwegian Cruise Holdings LTD.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings plaque

It was mentioned by a partner of the All Hands and Heart team and Director of Lifeline Ministries, Mrs. Tina Alexander that the construction of the school was not all that was contributed to the Morne Prosper Village by All Hands and Heart.

Twenty five families received new roof installations, there were renovations to a water source and several residents of Morne Prosper were employed through All Hands and Heart projects along with benefitting from a carpentry skills project.

Currently, there is a group of All Hands and Hearts volunteers doing renovation of the Charlotte’s Nursery and Pre School in New Town.