Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit condemns circulation of photo on social media

by: - January 10, 2019
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Prime Minister Honorable Dr Roosevelt Skerrit

The Prime Minister of Dominica condemns the circulation of photos taken of citizens at the Financial Center on Wednesday 9th 2019.

A number of photos have circulated social media of several citizens at the financial center awaiting an audience of the Prime Minister.

Honorable Dr Roosevelt Skerrit has expressed his disappointment in the prejudice to these individuals that have circulated social media and apologizes to the citizens for having bared this offence.

“The sight of hundreds of persons outside the office of the Prime Minister, seeking an audience with the Prime Minister to discuss matters of personal, community and national interest, can be seen from different perspectives.” The Prime Minister stated.

“I take strong objection and serious offense to the interpretation of this as Dominicans being hungry and desperate for food and coming to the office of the Prime Minister for a pittance. Nothing could be further from the truth and I unreservedly apologize to all those who were defamed and insulted by the portrayal of them as such.” He added.

“That is what my leadership as Prime Minister is all about. I find time for investors, I find time for business people, and I make time for the ordinary people of Dominica to come see me and discuss issues of interest and concern to them.

I have no apologies for this and I shall continue to employ an open door policy, as long as I am Head of Government of this country.” The Prime Minister declared.