The Denise Charles Softball Tournament continues!

by: - January 5, 2019
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The Denise Charles Softball Competition continues this weekend with the Trafalgar team playing three games.

On Sunday January 6th 2019 there will be three softball games on the Pouray playing field.

Due to the weather pattern the Trafalgar team has suffered losses of games during the tournament. It is for this reason the team will be competing in three different matches.

According to the coordinator of the Denise Charles Softball Tournament Heston Charles, players such as Hayden St Rose, Bernard George, Eric Williams jr, Marcel Gregoire, John Matthew, Arsen Rocks and Clem Nicholas will be featured at the games on Sunday.

The first match will be Trafalgar vs Royal Garments Gallion, later that afternoon the Trafalgar team will be competing with the Jungle Bay resort Soufriere team and at 4 p.m. the Trafalgar team will play against the Petite Coulibrie Scottshead.

This will be the first time the same team will be playing three games on the same day.