President of NYCD cautions the youth on drug use

by: - January 4, 2019
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President of the National Youth Council (NYCD) addresses the use of drugs by youth in Dominica.

In an interview with Vibes News on January 4th 2019 as a contribution to Drug Awareness Month, Mr Baron cautioned the youth that there are serious implications on the mind and body consequential to drug use.

He said “the ravages of drug use are a known fact and the awareness should be raised and solutions to curb the use of drugs by use should be implemented.”

“Across the country there are minors at the leisure of purchasing alcoholic beverages and the parents and family members of the young people in the country should have more of a keen interest in the well-being of the youth.” He added.

“Parents have become very negligent of their young children grant it that there are families that do well for the children however parents must understand it goes beyond providing for children economically, emotional and psychology support should catered for especially for teenagers.” He said as he urged parents to take more interest in the lives of the children as a measure of reducing and controlling the use of drugs by youth.

Moreover, Mr Baron expressed that the Judiciary system plays a critical role in the lives of the children and that there should be an age limitation of which alcohol can be purchased thus proof of the age should be presented via identification cards etc.

In addition he stressed that legal consequences should be faced by the alcohol sellers once there is proof that they have sold alcohol to minors. This would serve as a measure of curbing the consumption of alcohol by youth in the country.