Assailant arrested for fatal stabbing in Roseau

by: - January 2, 2019
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One man is in police custody in connection with a stabbing incident that took place on Monday evening.

According to information from the police on Monday December 31st December 2018, four women were attacked by an adult male with a 12 inched bladed knife. This incident took place on Hanover Street Roseau in the vicinity of the Roseau Local Market.

At approximately 5 p.m. on Monday, Nellian De Jean a Haitian national who resided at Pointe Mitchel was attacked several times by a Dominican man. She was a vendor at the Roseau Market. She was transported to the Accident and Emergency Department at the Princess Margaret hospital where she succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.

According to an eyewitness who was at a restaurant with her friends, she had observed a crowd gathering outside the Beauty Wise store. Soon after, she saw a lady running across the street from her until she fell.

“A man who was chasing her tripped her and stabbed her repeatedly. The woman cried out in agony and looked fearful for her life. She then stood up and continued running. The man continued chasing her and stabbed her one last time in her back causing her to collapse. When she collapsed, the man began running to the other direction while individuals in the area chased after him.”

The three other women who were attacked by the assailant were: Marinna Coulfabien a Haitian national residing in Mahaut; Francess Romain from Cottage; and Antoinette Toussaint a Haitian national  who resides in Pointe Mitchel. All the women were transported to the Accident and Emergency department at the Princess Margaret Hospital and are currently being treated for their injuries.

The attacker was captured and is currently in police custody.