DAIC introduces a new avenue to motivate employees

by: - January 2, 2019
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The Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC) has introduced a 45 minute discussion via Facebook Live title Lunch and Learn.

The purpose of this initiative is to motivate local businesses employees mainly in the private sector, encourage greater collaboration and raise the expertise shared among employees.

Moreover, it is a medium through which employees may be engaged during the lunch hour.

Lunch and Learn is expected to be held via Facebook live once every two months.

The first Lunch and Learn was held on Monday 31st December 2018 at 1:00 p.m. where a guest speaker, Marketing Consultant Donald Bercasio spoke on the topic “How to build your personal brand for success in 2019”.

DAIC Facebook lives will be on their Facebook page named Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce to learn how to build their personal success brand in 2019.

According to the DAIC Executive director Lizra Fabien the first Lunch and Learn was successful as there were over a hundred viewers tuned in to the live.

Miss Fabien stated that with Lunch and Learn employees will be motivated to better develop themselves with will to employees improving in the work place and as a part of society.

“We have seen that there are different gaps in terms of the skill level lunch and learn is an excellent platform that we all can learn develop our skills” Miss Fabien declared.

DAIC looks forward to continuing this initiative and encourages the people who had not seen the live to visit their Facebook page.