Police Chief says protesters should follow Public Order act

by: - December 18, 2018
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Police Chief, Daniel Carbon (file photo)

Chief of Police Daniel Carbon says the Concern Citizens Movement protesters were illegally protesting in Roseau.

Mr. Carbon says the police did not receive any request from the Concern Citizens Movement to have a protest.

“It is established in law the process by which protest action can be held lawfully in Dominica. The Public Order Act Chapter 15:01 of the Laws of Dominica 1990, speaks of the way persons interested in holding lawful protest action, can have protest action when a request is made for permission to hold protest action and permitted by the Chief of Police,”Mr. Carbon stated.

Mr. Carbon says citizens and visitors have a right to go about their businesses undisturbed.

Carbon said The Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force is obliged by law to protect lives of the citizens, visitors and property.

“The Police Officers acted lawfully to disperse the protesters because it was an unlawful protest,” Carbon said.

“I am warning the leaders and people involved in the Concern Citizens Movement, who are organizing these protest action, that they must follow the procedures as stipulated by law,” Carbon noted.

Mr. Carbon said following the lawful action of the police, there have been threats on the lives of Police officers including a Senior Police on social media.

He said it would be a huge mistake to attack any Police Officer or their family and he hopes it does not happen, but if it does persons would face the dire consequences of the law.