Recycle Rebuild and Rotary Club’s Recycling Initiative at St. John’s Primary

by: - December 6, 2018
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Recycle Rebuild partnered with Rotary Club to undergo a recycling awareness initiative across the schools in Dominica. It was founded after hurricane Maria by Mr. Rory Dickens.

Recycle Rebuild is part of a larger community, ‘Precious Plastics.’ They have chosen to partner with the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, recognizing the Club for its permanence in Dominica, as opposed to other similar organisations.

Their first event was held on Wednesday 5th December 2018 at St. John’s Primary School in Portsmouth.

“The objective is to raise awareness about pollution,” said Dickens as he made mention of how plastic bottles and plastic bottle caps are some of the main pollutants in Dominica’s water ways. “They are easily mistaken for food by many marine creatures,” he further added.

The initiative had been ongoing for months where students from all grades had been asked to bring in recyclables to school. These items were then weighed to give the students an idea of the amount of pollution in the sea that affects marine life.

Mr. Dickens then made mention of how Recycle Rebuild and Rotary Club of Portsmouth “are setting up a recycling center with the Portsmouth Town Council.” The aim is to shred and melt down the plastic recyclables that the student had amassed to create products to be sold to both tourists and community members. “We can reinvest that money into further education and promotion of conservation.”

Recycle Rebuild, partnered with the Rotary Club, would like to invite other schools to participate and to take on the recycling challenge.