Canadian based Dominican to make contribution to Health Sector

by: - November 29, 2018
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Canadian based Dominican and Sports Medicine Physician, Dr Mark Sorhaindo has announced that he through the Bourget Foundation will be making a contribution to the Dominican health sector in the form of personnel, supplies and equipment among others.

He made that announcement during an interview after he donated six thousand US dollars to buy equipment for the Neo-Natal Department.

Dr Sorhaindo stated that during a meeting with the founder of the Bourget foundation, a family based foundation in Halifax Canada, they discussed assistance for Dominica following Hurricane Maria.

“Part of what we were able to establish is assistance through the Bourget Foundation, and essentially it is a family based foundation.  I met with one of the founders, Dr Louis Bourget and he asked me right after Maria how can the foundation help and he was the one who introduced me to the foundation right after hurricane Maria,” Dr Sorhaindo stated.

Dr Sorhaindo added that this assistance will be in the form of tertiary care, with an eye towards personnel and equipment among others.

“So we have been trying to find a window in which we could come to Dominica, look at the situation here in terms of tertiary care and make a contribution, in terms of personnel material, supplies, and equipment as part of what the foundation has to offer.

He added that this contribution will be a step in moving the health sector forward.

“We want to have a meeting with the Ministry, where we want to look towards bridging the gap. So whatever gaps there are between  where we think we need to go or need to be and where we are now, be it because of Hurricane Maria or just the developmental process, we hope to assist with bridging that gap,” Dr Sorhaindo added.