Final register of electors list to be posted

by: - November 28, 2018
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Chief Election Officer Ian Anthony says the final Register of Electors list will be posted in the different districts around Dominica.

Mr. Anthony said the deadline for submitting objection and claims have already passed and the list have been finalized.

“The deadline for submitting objection and claims have passed it was the 19th November, 2018. Subsequent to this we have now finalize the list that will be posted in the various polling districts around Dominica.

Essentially those list will be handed to the registering officers, who will then hand them to the assistant registering officers for display in the polling districts across Dominica,” Mr. Anthony stated.

Mr. Anthony stated there have been attempts to object names on the register of electors list, adding that the objections that were made, did not follow the proper procedure.

He said the law is specific as to what has to happen in terms of objections.

“The first thing is that it has to be in writing on a specific form and that is form four, which gives the notice of the objection. That objection has to go to the registering officer within the constituency and filled out by the objector in his own hand writing. Also the objector has to give his full name, occupation and indicate the polling district that he is registered. The objector also has to also give the name he is objecting to and the grounds the person is disqualified for inclusion on the list,” Mr. Anthony said.

Mr. Anthony said the objector must then date and sign the form and a witness is required and must be an elector of the same polling district.