Child Rights Activist describes local child abuse rates as frightening

by: - November 27, 2018
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Delia Cuffy Weekes

Child Advocate Delia Cuffy Weekes has described the current rate of child abuse as frightening.

In an interview with Dominica Vibes on Monday Mrs. Cuffy Weekes said that there are many forms of child abuse, adding that the public should not only focus on sexual abuse.

“I am of the view that to every case reported in Dominica, there are at least ten other cases that are not reported. Child abuse is not only sexual abuse, there is emotional abuse, neglect, and physical abuse, and that is frightening” Mrs. Weeks stated.

Mrs. Cuffy Weeks said that parents should develop good communication with their children, so if they have been abused they will be able to communicate with their parents.

Mrs. Weekes added there need to be systems and organizations in place to assist abused victims in Dominica where they can feel safe.

“One of the things that I am advocating for is a girls and boys’ home for abused children in the event that the abused children have a secure home to reside in,” Mrs. Cuffy Weekes said.

She further added that the laws need to be amended and systems put in place so that the laws can work for the victims of child abuse.