Chinese Government rehabilitates EO Le Blanc Highway in St. Joseph 

by: - November 22, 2018
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Road works are currently ongoing in St. Joseph as the rehabilitation of the EO LeBlanc highway continues.

The project is being funded and implemented by the Chinese Government as part of their commitment to assist Dominica’s recovery process.

In an interview with Vibes Radio News, Parliamentary Representative for the St. Joseph Constituency, Kelver Darroux stated that the project is aimed at controlling the flow water on the main highway.

Many parts of the EO LeBlanc were severely damaged both by Tropical Storm Erika in 2015 and then by Hurricane Maria in 2017, leaving that

“Well currently the road works that are being done in the St. Joseph area are in fact the continued rehabilitation of the EO LeBlanc highway, and we have seen delays in the flow of traffic in that area. But once that aspect of the project is completed, the ravine which passes in that area will be more controlled and water will no longer be able to come on to the main highway. And we have seen in the past the amount of water that comes form that ravine in that area,” Darroux stated.

Mr. Darroux added that road works were also recently completed along the highway in the Mero Village.

“As representative for the area, I am very pleased the work has been undertaken because it will improve the entire road network. There was also a section close to the village of Mero that was also addressed by the Chinese firm,” Darroux added.