Deadline approaches for derelict vehicles to be removed

by: - November 19, 2018
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Senior Environmental Health Officer, Tassie Thomas

Owners of derelict vehicles are advised, to remove all derelict vehicles on the roadside, around the country by 26th November, 2018.

Chief Environmental Officer Tassie Thomas said a derelict vehicle drive began on the 1st October and ends on 26th November, 2018.

The Derelict Vehicle Drive is organized by Environmental Health Department in collaboration with the Solid Waste Department.

Miss Thomas said the aim of the derelict vehicle drive, is to remove every old vehicle from the government side walk, that people no longer have use for.

Miss Thomas said derelict vehicles can attract unwanted mosquitoes, rats and other vectors that can cause diseases.

“Since after Hurricane Maria we have had an accumulation of derelict vehicles,” Miss Thomas stated.

“Owners of the derelict vehicle must sign a consent form, in order for the vehicles to be remove free of charge anywhere in the country by the Solid Waste Department,” Miss Thomas added.

Miss Thomas encourage owners of derelict vehicles to sign the consent form to have their vehicles removed from the roadside.

“Those who do not comply, after the 26th November, the Environmental Health Department will issue notices to owners of derelict vehicles, giving them three days to remove the vehicle from the government side walk or face court action,” Miss Thomas said.

Miss Thomas said the penalty for not removing the derelict vehicle from the government side walk, is a fee of five hundred dollars to the court forthwith or go to prison.

Miss Thomas said for every day the vehicle remains on the side walk before it is removed, the owner is charged an additional one hundred dollars.