President of the Bar Association calls on public to protest neglect of courts

by: Dominica Vibes News - November 17, 2018
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President of the Dominica Bar Association, Mary Auriel Roberts has called on members of the public to take up the call of the Association and protest against the neglect that the court system has faced since Hurricane Maria.

She made that call while addressing a press conference hosted by the association on Thursday.

“They are the ones being affected by what is happening,” she explained, “it is our brothers and sisters who are victims of crime, your brother and sister sitting in the prison…without having a trial, it is your certificate of title.”

She said while they are willing to work with anyone to see how the process can be sped up, at this stage however “enough is enough”.

Ms. Roberts added that while they are not disputing the words of the responsible ministry, the association does not feel that enough is being done.

“We are talking about the State putting together and repairing properly a Courthouse, a building. We have seen businesses and individuals having to do it after looting and they have done it, why can’t the State?”