Marine Life important to climate resilience goals says Fisheries Officer

by: - November 15, 2018
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Chief Fisheries Officer Riviere Sebastien has stated that focus must be place on the oceans and marine life if Dominica is to become the first Climate Resilient Country in the world.

In an effort to raise that focus, a Marine Seminar dubbed ‘On the Blue Economy’, was held at the Prevo Cinemall on Thursday.

During an interview with Vibes Radio News, Mr. Sebastien noted that a more systematic way must be developed to care for the environment if Dominica is to achieve its goal.

“It means that we have to find a way to do things better as it relates to effective management of our environment,” he said, noting that we need to look at how we manage our lands and oceans or species of fish, our corals and our reefs.

“When you look at it is preparing ourselves for not just the unknown but what we already know as well will happen like hurricanes, storms, even earthquakes or sea level rise,” he noted.

Mr. Sebastien added that they aim to have a document prepared by the end of the seminar, consisting of ideas from the numerous designated speakers and contributors.

“So we have folks from the OECS who are here today, and fishermen, and divers and other persons who we consider to have valuable input” said Sebastien.

“So this workshop is going to get the ideas of all of these people and at the end of the day we hope to have a document prepared that we can use as a stepping stone or a guide to move on to the next stage.”