20 Prominent Dominicans to be recognized in 2018 meritorious service honors

by: - November 2, 2018
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Twenty long serving Dominicans will be awarded at the November 3rd Parade of Uniformed Groups marking Dominica’s 40th year of Independence.

Meritorious Service Honors will be bestowed on these individuals and one business in recognition of their outstanding contribution to public life.

Dominica’s Highest Award, the Dominica Award of Honour, will be bestowed on Dr. Lennox Honychurch.

The Second Highest Award, the Sisserou Award of Honour, will be bestowed on Hubert J. Charles, Valantine Poponne, Frances E. Delsol, Kelly B. Graneau, Rev. Fr Charles Martin.

The third highest honour, the Meritorious Service Award, will be conferred on Curtis F. Matthew, Emanuel Loblack, Cleve F. Tavernier ,Job Joseph, Parry Roy Bellot, Clement Joseph Harve, Jacinta Bannis, L’Express Des Isles, Gerard Cools-Lartigue, and Leroy ‘Wadix’ Charles.

The Long Services Medal of Honour will be awarded to Ronald F. Charles, Jones Joan Anastasie Aaron, Melanie Francois, Rosamund Ismael, and Barbara Tonge.

The Parade of Uniformed Groups and award ceremony will commence at 5.00 p.m. at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.