Bypass and parking facility to be built to reduce traffic congestion in city

by: - November 2, 2018
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Minister for the Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal Joseph Isaac

The construction of a bypass through the Botanical Gardens is scheduled to commence soon to help alleviate traffic congestion in the city.

This was announced during a forum on Thursday where the cabinet addressed members of the diaspora.

Minister for the Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal Hon Joseph Isaac made a presentation at this forum where he highlighted plans for the development of the city of Roseau.

Mr. Isaac informed that some of the plans for a smart and climate resilient Roseau includes the building of a bypass from the Botanical Gardens into Roseau.  This bypass will help alleviate the traffic congestion with the city.

“In order to alleviate this problem of traffic congestion, your government, this administration has in its possession final designs for the construction for a major bypass in the Botanical Gardens. This bypass road will pass through the back of the Botanical Gardens, and will link to the Emshall Road close to UWI. Work will soon commence on this initiative,” Isaac stated.

The Minister further spoke on the impending construction of a three tiered parking lot on the outskirts of Roseau.

“In regards to parking, plans are being developed for the construction of a three tier level parking facility outside of the city center. We have had discussions with a son of the soil, an industrial engineer, who has proposed and suggested that we should use vertical parking systems in small lots in Roseau,” he noted.

Other plans for the face lift of the city include the rehabilitation of streets and sidewalks in the city.

Isaac stated that events from last year showed us “that although our utility production systems were in place after Hurricane Maria, we had a major challenge with the distribution system which was severely damaged.”

He noted that in moving forward with this lesson in mind the Government has fast tracked the implementation of the phase of the Roseau City Redevelopment Project, which stipulates the burying of all utility distribution lines underground.

“This construction will involve new drains, user friendly sidewalks, and the enhancement and beautification of the city to include green spaces. Work has already commenced, and the public will start feeling the full impact of this project in the next few months,” Isaac added.