Prime Minister Skerrit expresses solidarity with Trinidad and Tobago

by: - October 23, 2018
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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit has expressed his solidarity with the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago who has suffered severe flooding as a result of heavy rain fall over the past few days.

Over one hundred and twenty thousand residents of Trinidad and Tobago have been af­fect­ed by the flood­ing.

In his statement, Mr Skerrit stated that the Government of Dominica will provide assistance to the islands in whatever way possible.

“I wish to, on behalf of the people and Government of Dominica, extend my solidarity to the Prime Minister, the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago who have been enduring for the past few days massive flooding, flooding of unprecedented proportions,” Mr. Skerrit stated.

He noted that he has been in contact with the Prime Minister as well as following news outlets to get an idea of the situation on the twin islands.

“It appears that they have suffered tremendously through flooding, and we are here to support and provide whatever assistance in whatever humble way we can,” he noted.

Mr. Skerrit added that this level of flooding brings to the forefront the vulnerability that many countries face as a result of climate change.

“This flooding brings to home the whole issue that we have been speaking about in this world for several decades, the issue of climate change. Not only is Trinidad and Tobago exposed to this, but you see it in Europe, in Asia, in Canada and other parts of the world,” Mr. Skerrit stated.

He went on to add that he will “continue to pray, and pray for the heavy rain to cease, so that the situation will be brought under control.”

“The level of flooding is surreal, and it is a real concern,” Mr. Skerrit added.